WeLoop Tommy Smartwatch – Full Specifications

Tommy another contender for a smartwatch but unlike the Android Wear based and Tizen based smartwatches this one is more of a competition for Pebble smartwatch.

WeLoop Tommy Smartwatch– It boast its amazing life span of 21 days before getting a recharge, and it is compatible with iOS and Android that makes it more intriguing, even though it has an always on display according to the company its LCD technology has a lower power consumption. Just like the Pebble the Tommy Smartwatch has a notification features that let you received messages right on your smartwatch, can be also use as a controller for your music files, even your smartphone cameras.

WeLoop Tommy Smartwatch

Its seems to good to be true for just a price of $75 imagine it is water proof of up to 5 meters, and with almost the same specs with Pebble like smartwatches, the question is what about the apps? According to the company more apps are in development, watch faces and customizations for the watch like sports music and games, anyways if you are interested you can buy the watch for $75 dollars the shipment will start September 15, 2014.

WeLoop Tommy Smartwatch  Specs:


FLASH: 256KB embedded

External RAM: 16KB


External FLASH: 512KB

Display Size: SHARP 1.26 inch Memory LCD

Resolution: 144 x 168 pixels

Bluetooth: -93 dBm sensitivity in Bluetooth® low energy mode

Antenna: Built-in

Sensor: 3-Axis Accelerometer

Key: Up, Down, Enter, Back

Battery: 110mAh

Vibration: ERM

Charger: Magnetic 2-pins

Certification: CE, FCC, and RoHS


Temperature: Operation 0~50’C, Storage -10~60’C

Humidity: 0~90%, Non-Condensed

Software Specification:

BLE Stack: GATT, GAP, Running Speed and Cadence

ANCS Profile: Social, Email, Incoming Call, Text Message

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