Will.i.am’ Smartwatch Looks Good!

The rapper, singer turned business man and now a tech savvy Will.I.am showed his new smartwatch, the smartwatch if you are asking is not a product of any famous brand like LG, Sony or Samsung not even the sexy Moto360.

The smartwatch that he always boasts in concert, interviews and other celeb parties and gathering is a smartwatch created by the company that he funded, he said in an interview that he spent his own money to fund that company. The smartwatch looks cool and far better when it comes to aesthetic design compared to other leading smartwatches, the smartwatch shows a curved display and according to Will.I.Am it is a standalone smartwatch, meaning it doesn’t need the company of smartphone to work, it has cool features like Bluetooth and will run Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, you can store music as based on the demo of Will.I.Am, the smartwatch plays audio files, during an interview with Alan Carr on Friday night’s Chatty Man show.

Will I Am Smartwatch

Based on the report still the smartwatch may have some problems with its calling feature as Will.I.Am demoed it before by calling someone but was not successful, although it successfully connected to someone the quality is not that good, but overall it looks good, I guess the creative talent of Will.I.Am was applied on this smartwatch, so far no specs or what the O.S of the smartwatch, might be Android or Tizen we don’t know… Anyway the smartwatch might be out in July but no confirmation from Will.I.Am.

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