Will.i.am’s Puls Smartwatch Specs Features

Well the singer/rapper/businessman Will.i.am just debuted his own smartwatch product, the new watch is called Puls, a hand cuff looking smartwatch packed with features that might rival other smartwatches in the market.

Well if you want to know its features and specifications the Will.i.am is a standalone smartwatch yes, I don’t need a phone to work, it also has its own Siri, or Google Now, the voice controlled virtual assistant is named AndeedA, we just don’t know if it’s an acronym or really a combination of names of a person.

Will i am smartwatch Puls

It also has popular apps that can connect you to Facebook and Twitter. It also has a standard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections along with a pedometer, GPS, acceleromter, and even a 3G connection powered by AT&T. The memory capacity is pretty cool, due to its fixed wrist band it was able to have a 16 GB of storage space and a full gigabyte of RAM. If you want to listen to music the built-in speakers is a huge addition.

If you are going to analyze it, the watch seems like it’s a good one, but there is a huge downside, it will only last for 5 hours, very far from other smartwatches right now that last for 2 to 3 days. It is not yet known if there is an SDK for developers to create an app or not. So far, only few details has been presented and we still have to wait for its release before we can really say that the smartwatch puls will really compete or not in the market..

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