WindowsonDevices SDK to Compete with Tizen, AndroidWear?

We check it several times but Microsoft take down its site,, but just a few minutes ago its back, just in time for Microsoft Build Conference, based on the site still in beta Microsoft wants to bring windows on new class of small devices:


“We’re bringing Windows to a whole new class of small devices. Build a smart coffee mug, build a talking bear, build a robot, or build something else entirely. All this using a platform and tools you already know and love.”

It’s not clear if what is the plan of Microsoft for its Windows on Devices but they have plans on releasing an SDK this 2014, the release includes API, sample and documentation, there will also going to be integrated cloud services. No clean proof that Microsoft will venture into the wearable technology but based on their past action and rumors Microsoft do have some plans to create their own wearable devices, or maybe it’s already finished and their just waiting for the right time to unveil it to the public, if this is the case, wearable technology must be the next big thing, and the battle for smartwatches has become fierce, Tizen, and Androidwear world has become more tougher.


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