[WMATA With You]Tracking D.C.’s MetroRail trains with this Pebble App

Pebble still got some juice for its ecosystem as every now and then great apps are added to the Pebble Store, one of the recent additions to the Pebble app store is the WMATA With You app.

Developer ZeropUptime release the first app for tracking schedules for MetroRail trains in D.C, the app “WMATA With You” keep tracks of the eight metro stations and their schedules, on your Pebble you will see get the feed reading the next train that will be in service, according to the developer you will see list of trains currently scheduled to go through that station.

Tracking D.C.'s MetroRail trains with this Pebble App

You will also see service advisories, and know in advance whether or not you have to wait a while for your next train. It’s a very useful app I think for D.C commuters, although you can see the list of trains right on the D.C station still its far more convenient to see the details of the schedules for the train right on your Pebble smartwatch.

Name: WMATA With You


The Washington, D.C. Metrorail schedule on your wrist! View incoming trains for stations near your location and check network advisories so you’re not stuck waiting.

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