Xiaomi Mi Bunny Smartwatch Full Specifications

Oh lala.. seems like Xiaomi is still holding on to the expected high end smartwatch, we are surprised that Xiaomi instead unveiled the Xiaomi Mi Bunny, a smartwatch intended for kids. The said smartwatch focuses more on the security of the kids than more on fitness.

Xiaomi Mi Bunny Smartwatch

Well lets get to know the Xiaomi Mi Bunny smarwatch, as we said the watch got more security features, it has an emergency alerts with GPS location that can be sent to parents phone in times of emergency. Kids can also receive calls and messages from parents right on their watch, another security feature is the feature to records the history, track children every day, routes can be recorded continuously for three months.

On the smartphone of the parent, they can automatically see the location of the kid/s with a navigation map, it support synchronous receive US GPS and Russian GLONASS satellite positioning system, combined with Wi-Fi, a base station, gravity sensor, a total of five parties positioning signals . I think it is one of the best smartwatch for kids right now in the market, the full security features intended for the safety of the kids is the main market for this.

Anyways here are the specifications of the Xiaomi Mi Bunny smartwatch for kids

Display: LED Dot Matrix Display

OS Compatibility: Android version 4.2 and iOS 8.0

Connectivity:Built-in SIM (Unicom) card, Bluetooth v4.0, Wi-Fi, GPRS/GLONASS

Color Availability: Blue and Pink

Dimensions: 189.0 x 40.0 x 15.0 mm

Weight: 37g

Additional Features:

Water-resistant, voice call support, food-grade liquid silicone strap, prevent allergies, soft
and comfortable, care of the baby tender hands.
voice group chat, SOS emergency, security zones, sports pedometer, Corning’s food grade liquid silicone strap

Triple Data Encryption security,1.Local Data,2.Data transmission,3.Mi cloud.

Price: 299 Yuan

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