Yelp App for Pebble smartwatch

Yelp app for Pebble smartwatch is one of the most love app for Pebble, the app will provide you with the latest information about the best business near you, it’s a powerful app for Pebble that can provide you with tips on the best restaurants, drug stores, fashion stores and even coffee place to spend your time. It has a DISCOVER MODE that automatically provides information in real time.

Yelp for Pebble

The category is specified into “Restaurants,” “Naightlife,” Coffee & Tea,” “Automotive,” “Drugstores,” and “Shopping.” The app is great tool to get all the information for new areas around the busy streets.

Anyways it’s a great app for your Pebble smartwatch, and one of the most useful app for Gear 2, the downside is you can’t a map for the location, as the Pebble can only support 8 bit low resolution graphics unlike other smartwatches that has a higher resolution to support colored map such as Google maps.

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